More than a hand sanitizer

SkinShield2 is a unique antimicrobial barrier lotion that forms a protective water-resistant moisturizing polymer layer on the skin that resists water and harsh chemicals while killing bacteria, viruses and fungi for hours.

An "Invisible Glove" on the skin

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Personal 2 oz

Perfect size for when you're on the go. Fits easily in a bag, cup holder or jacket pocket. Take it with you on your next flight. Meets liquids rule for TSA carry-on.

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Value Pack (two 2 oz + one 4 oz)

Always forgetting wipes or a sanitizer? Then this is a perfect option. Get hours of protection and keep one stored in your bag, one at home, and one in the car.

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SkinShield2 vs. Hand Sanitizers

I think this is something we can all use right now, right? I love that it is alcohol-free and also FDA Registered. Keeping germs at bay is real important to me. Someone in my house has a compromised immune system


I have never tried a barrier lotion before. It is such a great idea to help protect my hands with all of this hand washing and dry skin


I Love that SkinShield2 is both a sanitizer and a moisturizer all in one. It keeps my hands soft while forming a protective barrier. Great product!